2014 October

A new practice organ

The workshop is busy building a set of three practice instruments. These organs have proved very popular over the years- about thirty have been installed around the US since the mid 1970s. Many prestigious institutions and colleges (Julliard School, Oberlin Conservatory, University of Indiana, New England Conservatory, Westminster Choir College, etc.) have chosen Noack for their practice instruments.

We make these organs in small batches in order to keep their cost as low as possible. As usual, we added an extra one to the ones ordered: Have you ever dreamed about acquiring a beautiful pipe organ for your home? The full specification is shown below:

The Noack Practice Organ
The Noack Practice organ is a four-rank, two manual and pedal instrument with mechanical action. It is housed in a solid white oak case traditionally crafted with hand-carved pipeshades.


Manual I
Gedackt 8′ 61 pipes
Principal 4′ 61 pipes

Manual II
Recorder 8′ 37 pipes, partially common with Gedackt

Stopt Bass 8′ 30 pipes
Principal 4′ common with Man. I

The Gedackt is a 20% tin stop with domed, soldered covers. The Principal 4′ is made of 70% tin with 13 pipes (E-e⁰) in the facade. It appears also on the Pedal. The Recorder is a fairly narrow, gently tapered stopped metal rank (20% tin) which shares its two lower octaves with the Gedackt. This stop has proven to be extremely useful, being more “defined” and transparent than the Gedackt of the lower manual. The 8′ Stopt Bass is made of wood.