3 Practice Organs

Opus 158


  1. 8 Gedackt
  2. 4 Principal
  1. 8 Recorder
  1. 8 Stopt Bass
  2. 4 Principal (from Man I)


The Noack Practice organ is a four-rank two-manual and pedal instrument with mechanical action. It is housed in a solid white oak case traditionally crafted with hand-carved pipeshades.

The Gedackt is a 20% tin stop with domed soldered covers. The Principal 4 is made of 70% tin with 13 pipes (E-e⁰) in facade. It appears also on the Pedal. The Recorder is a fairly narrow gently tapered stopped metal rank (20% tin) which shares its two lower octaves with the Gedackt . This stop has proven to be extremely useful being more “defined” and transparent than the Gedackt of the lower manual. The 8′ Stopt Bass is made of wood.