Dedication St Peter’s on Capitol Hill

Washington DC
Vespers and Dedication Recital of Opus #162
Thursday, November 14 at 7pm

The specification can be found on https://www.noackorgan.com/opus/162/

The Cathedral of Saint Paul in Birmingham, AL selects the Noack Organ Co, for the design and construction of its new pipe organ

We are thrilled to announce that the Noack Organ Co. has been chosen to build a new fifty eight-stop, three-manual tracker instrument for The Cathedral of Saint Paul in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Cathedral of Saint Paul is an elegant building designed in 1893 by the noted architect Adolphus Druiding who very successfully combined Neo-Gothic Victorian lines with eclectic detailing, leading to a sense of grandeur through the proportion of the sanctuary and its intricate decoration.

The Noack Opus #164 will be housed on the West end gallery in a new solid oak case which will clear the rose window. Delivery is expected in 2021.

The specification can be found here

Fr. Bryan W. Jerabek, J.C.L., Rector
Bruce Ludwick, Jr., Director of Music and Organist
Mark W. Hayes, Assistant Organist

A new Noack organ for Orchard Lake, MI

We are thrilled to announce that the Noack Organ Co. has been chosen to build a new two-manual tracker instrument for Our Lady of Refuge in Orchard Lake, MI. The new instrument will be placed at the front left corner of the sanctuary. Delivery is expected in the fall of 2019.

The specification can be found here

Father Gerald A. McEnhill, Pastor
Christopher Borowicz, Music Director

St Anthony’s Church Davenport, IA – Dedication Recital

Davenport, IA
Dedication Recital of Opus #160
St Anthony’s Church.
Sunday October 15 at 3pm

Philippe Lefebvre, organist at Notre-Dame Cathedral Paris, will give the dedication recital of our recent project in St Anthony Church in Davenport, IA.

The organ while modest in its number of ranks, punches above its weight thanks to the flexibility of its stoplist (including an either/or drawstop action) and a sympathetic acoustics.

The tonal scheme and voicing showing more than a hint of French roots was done in collaboration with Bertrand Cattiaux one of the premier organbuilders in France.

The specification can be found on https://www.noackorgan.com/opus/160/

Rev. Apo T. Mpanda, Pastor
Kim Noftsker, Music Director

Open House at Noack Organ Co. – St Paul’s Chapel new organ

Saturday September 16th – 1.30pm to 4pm

Come and see the new organ for St Paul’s Chapel (Trinity Parish) in NYC before it is shipped. This project married up the Noack Opus #111 originally built for the Church of The Redeemer in Chestnut Hill with the historical 1802 case from St Paul’s Chapel.

Door will be open between 1.30pm and 4pm All are welcome.

Small Noack organ is featured in Handel series

St Paul’s Chapel – Trinity Church
New York City
NYT reviews the New Handel series featuring a small Noack organ!


[The Chapel] awaits the installation of an instrument from the Church of the Redeemer in Chestnut Hill, Mass. — being renovated and cleaned by the Noack company of Georgetown, Mass. — in the fall. In the meantime, Noack has furnished a small practice instrument, which suits the smaller works from Bach’s “Clavierübung” very well, as Avi Stein demonstrated at the March 6 concert.

St. Anthony Church – Davenport, IA

St. Anthony Church in Davenport chose the Noack Organ Co. to replace their failing 1940 unified organ. The new organ, placed in the west gallery, will have two manuals and fourteen stops. It will be housed in a new case designed to fit the classical style of the church. The instrument will be entirely mechanical with an either/or drawstop action. This system, which often seems puzzling at first sight, is in fact a clever way to achieve a great deal of flexibility from limited resources. The manual divisions will be enclosed (except the Open Diapason 8′).

Installation is planned for early 2017.
Pastor: Father Apo T. Mpanda
Music Director: Kim Noftsker


Stop Manual I Manual II Pedal
1 Bourdon 16′
2 Open Diapason 8′
3 Violin Diapason 8′ Violin Diapason 8′
4 Stopped Diapason 8′ Stopped Diapason 8′
5 Principal 4′ Principal 4′
6 Recorder 4′ Recorder 4′
7 Gemshorn 2′ Gemshorn 2′
8 Cornet II 2 2/3′
9 Mixture IV 1 1/3′
10 Chamade (treble) 8′
11 Trumpet 8′
12 Subbass 16′
13 Open Bass 8′
14 Trombone 16′


Trinitarian Congregational Church of Concord, MA

We are pleased to announce our new organ project to be installed at the Trinitarian Congregational Church in Concord, MA. Opus #159 will be a tracker instrument of two manuals and twenty-five stops, located on the back balcony. The case will harmonize with the elegant building, which was designed in a classic New England style by the preeminent architect Harry Little.

Installation is planned for June 2016.
Senior Minister: The Reverend Dr. John Lombard
Music Director: Victoria Wagner



Bourdon 16′ Violin Diapason 8′ Violone 16′
Diapason 8′ Gedackt 8′ Stopt Bass 16′
Chimney Flute 8′ Celeste (TC) 8′ Cello 8′
Octave 4′ Prestant 4′ Stopt Flute 8′
Harmonic Flute 4′ Recorder 4′ Flute 4′
Fifteenth 2′ Quint 2 2/3′ Trombone 16′
Mixture IV 1 1/3′ Gemshorn 2′ Trumpet 8′
Tierce 1 3/5′
Mixture III 2′
Trumpet 8′ Great/ Pedal
Swell / Great Oboe 8′ Swell / Pedal


A New Chapter for the Noack Organ Co.!

Fifty-five years after founding the firm, Fritz Noack is pleased to pass the company’s helm to Didier Grassin. Together with the Noack team, they will carry on the well established tradition for fine craftsmanship that made the firm’s reputation through the years.

Fritz is looking forward his free time that he plans to share between exploring far away countries and… voicing at the workshop!

Didier Grassin joined the Noack Organ Co. in 2011 with more than 25 years of experience in organbuilding. Trained in a variety of European workshops, he came to head the drawing office at Mander Organs, UK. From 1996, he spent several years as freelance designer, working for many major European and American firms before joining Casavant Frères as Director of the Tracker Department. His designs can be seen in England, France, Japan, Malaysia, China, Canada and the United States (a selection of his designs can be seen here: www.didiergrassin.com). He was Vice-President of the International Society of Organbuilders (ISO) from 2010 to 2014 and has served on the Editorial Boards of the ISO and the Institute of British Organbuilding. He holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Acoustics from Southampton University, UK and a Diplôme d’Ingénieur from Université de Compiègne, France.

A new practice organ

The workshop is busy building a set of three practice instruments. These organs have proved very popular over the years- about thirty have been installed around the US since the mid 1970s. Many prestigious institutions and colleges (Julliard School, Oberlin Conservatory, University of Indiana, New England Conservatory, Westminster Choir College, etc.) have chosen Noack for their practice instruments.

We make these organs in small batches in order to keep their cost as low as possible. As usual, we added an extra one to the ones ordered: Have you ever dreamed about acquiring a beautiful pipe organ for your home? The full specification is shown below:

The Noack Practice Organ
The Noack Practice organ is a four-rank, two manual and pedal instrument with mechanical action. It is housed in a solid white oak case traditionally crafted with hand-carved pipeshades.


Manual I
Gedackt 8′ 61 pipes
Principal 4′ 61 pipes

Manual II
Recorder 8′ 37 pipes, partially common with Gedackt

Stopt Bass 8′ 30 pipes
Principal 4′ common with Man. I

The Gedackt is a 20% tin stop with domed, soldered covers. The Principal 4′ is made of 70% tin with 13 pipes (E-e⁰) in the facade. It appears also on the Pedal. The Recorder is a fairly narrow, gently tapered stopped metal rank (20% tin) which shares its two lower octaves with the Gedackt. This stop has proven to be extremely useful, being more “defined” and transparent than the Gedackt of the lower manual. The 8′ Stopt Bass is made of wood.